Do you like Graphic Novels, Manga Art, Anime?

We will be hosting a viewing during the March Break of the Movie Spiral.

This will be open to Youth ages 12 and up.

Time and date to be announced.

Cost:  Free- you just need to fill out a survey form for us to return to the company.


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Book awards – White Pine – You can vote through your school

The White Pine Award™ reading program offers high school-aged teens at all grade levels the opportunity to read the best of Canada’s recent young adult fiction titles. Students will read 10 nominated Canadian young adult books and then vote for their favourite book. Based on student voting across the province, the most popular book is then selected and author is honoured with the White Pine Award™.

by Francis Chalifour     In the Y.A. collection
Tundra Books.

The Bonemender
by Holly Bennett                               In JF
Orca Book Publishers.

Four Steps to Death                 In YA section
by John Wilson
Kids Can Press.

How to be a Hero on Earth 5
by Rob Payne                                In YA section
Penguin Canada.

Me and the Blondes
by Teresa Toten                         In YA section
Penguin Canada.

The Penelopiad
by Margaret Atwood           In Adult Fiction section
Knopf Canada.

by Eric Walters            In JF section

The Sundog Season
by John Geddes                 On Order
Turnstone Press.

Three Songs for Courage
by Maxine Trottier                        on order
Tundra Books.

Wild Orchid
by Beverley Brenna                       on order
Red Deer Press. title
by author
publisher, year.



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In Darkness, Death

In Darkness, Death by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler

Samurai Lord Inaba has been murdered in his sleep. To make matters worse, the crime took place under the protective eye of the Shogun himself. This is a case for Judge Ooka, Japan”s own real-life Sherlock Holmes. And, of course, for his 14-year-old apprentice, Seikei. Their only clue–a bloodstained origami butterfly–leads them on a journey filled with mysterious shape-shifting ninjas, vengeful peasants, and a power-hungry killer you might never suspect. If Seikei is to help solve this crime, he must first survive. Edgar Award finalists Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler drench this story with drama and suspense in this, their third mystery featuring the famous magistrate Ooka and his young samurai apprentice.(from Chapters website)

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Good books

There are many books that are available in the children’s area that you might still be interested in reading.  Just ask for the Books for Older Readers Booklist

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Comic Books

Most libraries have never carried comic books.  The only ones that we had were about Rupert and TinTin.  Now The Young Adult Area has graphic novels.  Come check them out.  Just beware that some have content that is for older teen readers.

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Cell phones – yes or no

Teens And Cell Phones
Declan Tobin

Let the battle begin, should teens have cell phones? Well you
will be pleased to know that over 94% of parents agree that
cellular phones are good for teens and that’s according to a
survey conducted by AT&T with parents and teens in LA and New
York. Most teens have their very first cell phones by the age of
15 and in many cases 13. Like with all mod cons teenagers want
them but they should be used in a practical manner.

The Bill

Paying for the cellular phone is one thing but the on going costs
thereafter tends to cost some friction in households. If you are
the parent who insists that your son or daughter has a cell phone
then understandable you should pay the bill once it’s within
reason. Teens who insist on having a cell phone should pay some
part of the bill with their weekly allowance that you give them.
Teens who are left without any supervision on bill phones will
run riot and it will be you who foots out the bill. Even if you
have the money to pay the bill monthly no matter how high you
should draw the line, you may not always be there to pay for
everything. Prepaid cell phones are a good idea to keep the
expense down, the calls are more expensive to make on these
phones but you can only make the calls once the credit is there.
It is a great way for teenagers to learn about financial
management of their own bills.


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Hey? did you hear………..

Hey there!  Did you hear?  The Belleville Public Library and John M. Parrott Art Gallery cares about the TEENS.

Shhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone!  Watch here for more information.

We are here to hear you. Ask any reasonable question and we will respond. 

We want to know what reasonable request you have to decorate the teen area, what programs you want us to do.

Keep your eyes peeled for a special program for the March Break.

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